Humble Thanksgiving

Halloween came and went, the Christmas countdown has begun.

Is is just me? Am I the only person who feels bad for Thanksgiving? It seems Thanksgiving is the one holiday Americans should honor above all - and yet it tends to get buried between all the candy and gifts thanks to retail America.

I like Thanksgiving because it's humble. It's not about 'look at my incredible costume', or 'how much candy I scored'. Thanksgiving doesn't need tape or bows. It doesn't flash it's dazzling light displays in your face. It certainly doesn't leave you feeling guilty about a forgotten gift. It's simply asks us to give thanks for all we have. Even the least of us, have so much more than most. 

I stand firm on my soapbox - no Christmas until Thanksgiving has passed. No decorations, no wrapping, no shopping, no lights. And if we're lucky, no snow! First we give thanks. We pause. We enjoy the blessings laid before us - great and small.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy your holiday and challenge yourself this week to savor the simplicity of giving thanks. Cherish it. It keeps us humble.


  1. I'm with you on that soapbox...!!

  2. Dear Soap Box gal,
    Stay on it, we need your great and good thoughts . . .
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    Love, Lynne

  3. I have always loved Thanksgiving most of all, but I miss you and all my family:-( Have a wonderfully warm and happy holiday, hug those kiddos for me, and eat some pie!! Gluten-filled pie!!

  4. It's pretty much the most fattening day of the year and in that respect it's not my favorite. But all that cooking sure does make the house smell good! Enjoy your day of Thanks.


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