Arsenic & Old Lace

Finally the lace is down. Three years later and I can't take it any more.

 (The brass is gone, the white walls are gone, only the lace remains.)

I don't know if it's because like the old film insanity runs in my family, or if lace on windows just makes me crazy. Either way, it was time for it to go.

Now for the last few days I've hated the bare windows, but it was the only way I could kick myself in the butt to actually make a change. Since I've yet to tackle the ceiling drama, I'm choosing to focus on something much easier. Or so I thought.

Valances, cafe curtains, blinds, shades, swags... now I'm faced with the cereal aisle in options for window coverings. I start these projects knowing what I want and then become overwhelmed with too many choices and end up stalling. With me one thing always leads to the next. Taking down the lace has led me to replace the playroom light fixture, and shop for a new bathroom curtain and vanity fixtures. I've actually started thinking about a new dining table.

Back to the lace.

One wall is beige. Two walls are wine. The floor is white tile. (Rug not an option.) Our dining room windows face east, sliding door south. We get a bunch of sun in this room every day. In fact, Hubby and I have considered moving the table out of the space and putting in a couple chairs to make it our own little sun-sitting room. The kids wouldn't mind eating on the floor every night, would they?

Right after we moved in (too much white, too much brass... too much lace.)

So chime in, what would be your liking? I like the thought of cafe curtains to give us more privacy, but I hate to cover up all that sunlight, especially this time of year when we soak up all we can get. I've found a couple valances but then wonder if I'll be disappointed.

So, how to link arsenic into this post? To my knowledge there isn't any need for that in my latest decorating dilemma. But speaking of poison, here's an interesting and bummer of a story about cyanide.


  1. Ugh... I am totally the wrong person to be offering advice on curtain coverage. I tend to go to a cheap store and buy cheap curtains when what I really want are something custom measured, made and installed by someone who knows what they are doing. That being said, if you need something to keep heat and cold out then find a curtain that is lined. If you don't care about that then I would do some type of pleated shades... maybe some that go down at the top and up at the bottom. That way you have privacy control and light control too. Like I said... I am not the person to ask. Maybe check and see what kind of shades and prices Penneys have.

  2. I think a Roman Shade that fits inside the casing, neutral in color. Then when you want privacy you can pull them down. When you want the sun, presto . . . sunshine. Pottery Barn has some great Roman Shades. I used to have all of my windows covered with this or that . . . now nothing. I love it! Each window has a Roman Shade or blind for when we want privacy, or when the weather is bitter cold. Wooden shades are nice too but very costly.

    I have changed my brass light fixtures by spray painting instead of buying new. Much less money!!! And they look brand new. I also look for old lights in second hand stores for refurbishing. New glass shades, new paint, brand new light fixture!

    Good luck with the decorating . . .make it fun!


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