love, anthony

I picked up my latest read for two reasons, the title of course hit a soft spot thanks to my own little man, and the author. I have read Lisa Genova's other two books and enjoyed them both. She tackles current neurological issues and puts a human voice to them.

Still Alice
Left Neglected

Although those two books were great reads and had beautiful insight  Alsheimers and Hemispatial Neglect, her newest book, "love, anthony" actually had me in tears.

Love Anthony

It's a story about two women, autism, and unconditional love. It opened my eyes and my heart for families struggling with this condition, for moms - all moms who just want to know their children feel loved, and best of all it reminded me ever so simply why we're each here.

Here's an official review of the book by usa today - don't just take my word for it.

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  1. Excellent book! One of my 2012 favorites . . .
    My SIL just read it and really liked it too.


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