Bucket Bustin

This is the year. My 40th year. 
I've got all the way until December to finish out my 30s 
then I'll enter the greatest decade of my life, right?

Now, I'm not one to get freaked out about birthdays. 
In fact, I actually like my birthday.
 30 came and went, 35 no biggie. Now, here comes 40.  
There's nothing I can do about it, so might as well go gracefully. 
No lying, no hiding, just laying it out there. 40. 

Honestly though, there are a couple things
that make me fuss about aging.

I'm getting wrinkly! My hands, my eyes. 

Really the only other thing causing me fuss about getting older 
is being called ma'am. I know it's a sign of respect and when it comes from teenagers and young kids it works for me. But yesterday at the grocery store an older lady - at least 70 - 
said to me, 
"Excuse me ma'am."  
I literally turned around and looked behind me 
to see if she was speaking to someone else. 
I was the ma'am. Me! 

My wrinkly ma'am grumblings aside, 
there are things I am definitely looking 
forward to in this next decade.

My children are now each able to clean their own bottoms. 
I get giddy thinking of all the minutes I'll get back in the next 
decade that were lost to butt cleanings during my 30s!
But then again, I might just reallocate those minutes
towards reminders about flushing what they've just wiped.

Most of all I'm looking forward to kicking off 
this new decade with my 40th Bucket List items. 

1. Get a tattoo.
2. Buy an awesome pair of cowgirl boots.
3. Ride a Zipline.
4. Take a trip with my BFF.

I'm happy to say as of yesterday #1 is done! 
Check! Onto the next.


  1. Forty is a cinch. Fifty is the one that kind of got to me... maybe just an eensie teensie tiny bitsy. But, as you say, there is nothing you can do about the calendar turning and turning... just go with it. Oh, and if you are not using eye creams and face creams for moisturizing you better get on it! I use oil of Olay products from the grocery store and couldn't be happier with them and they last a long time because you only use a dab. OH, and also use sun protection EVERY day... I don't worry about wrinkly hands though... I guess drinking lots of water to keep the skin plumped up is about all you can do about that problem. Just enjoy this year to the fullest. xox

  2. I wondered where you were - didn't know you were planning your bucket list. I turned 60 yesterday, and I still haven't made one. But, I did ride a zip line a few years ago. Come visit your mom and you can ride the same one.

  3. I liked being 40--it's a great decade of being comfortable in your own skin....and then it starts to wrinkle and do all sorts of interesting stuff. I'm turning 50 this year--sigh. I get the feeling it's sorta like 40 but with bad eyes and achey bones and stuff. I guess it's what we make it, right?

    I want to zipline too.

  4. If I knew then what I know now, i would have enjoyed it more! I was thinking I was getting "old" instead of just getting "older" ...(big difference!) And you are what you are...just go with it and enjoy it all where you are at the moment.
    I turned 60 this year-50's flew past and 60 just seems a weird age to be..I feel "young" inside, but my skin didn't get the message! :)
    Enjoy marking off that bucket list!

  5. Happy 40th- I can't even remember that one! I just hit the speed limit and I'm starting to feel a wee bit ...um....stretched. Ditto on what Diane said about eye and face creams.


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